Our Culinary Group

IMAGINE is comprised of a vetted group of entrepreneurs known for delivering the highest standard of excellence within the food industry. We are committed to strategic improvement while producing strong financial results. The members of our executive group have worked in Silicon Valley for more than 20 years, each playing a critical role in the culinary revolution that has brought restaurant-quality food to many of the leading corporations in the Bay Area.

At IMAGINE, we’ve built a hiring strategy that is designed with success in mind. We seek out individuals that possess tremendous culinary talent and share our business values, then create a stage that allows them to extend their passion to every person we serve. Each member of our group brings a special ability to the table that inspires creativity in the dishes we prepare. In return, our priority is to provide support to every one of our culinary staff, helping them to reach their personal and professional career potential.

Passionate about nutrition and wellness, IMAGINE staff is intent on providing a culinary program that nurtures individual health. We care about the people we serve each day and take tremendous pride in making sure each dish is not only delicious, but also nutritious and sustainable. To promote these goals, we collaborate on a daily basis to create a unique dining experience that will meet your expectations – not ours.


  • Chief Operating Officer, Jim Puccinelli: A seasoned veteran of the restaurant industry, Jim possesses over 35 years of experience in food service operations. His tremendous talents in marketing, program development, and financial management play a key role in our quest to providing open and transparent communications with clients and employees. He is a graduate of Oregon State University

  • Chief Executive Officer, Frank Lapetina: Frank comes to IMAGINE Culinary Group with 35 years of restaurant management experience. His reputation for excellence is founded in strong leadership skills, unrivaled operational expertise, and a commitment to maintaining long-term partnerships with leading companies in the Silicon Valley. Frank is a longtime resident of the Bay Area and believes strongly in the sustainable tenets of local food culture.

Contact Information:

Jim Puccinelli, Chief Operating Officer

Frank Lapetina, Chief Executive Officer