Our Food:

The selection of ingredients is the cornerstone of our culinary philosophy. As a group, it is our love of food that carries us throughout the Bay Area to seek out the finest ranchers, farmers and artisan vendors, selecting only those that share our passion for quality fare and sustainable practices. In every one of our kitchens, we maintain the highest culinary standards, with 100% of the food we source grown and raised in an environmentally sustained manner. Along these same lines, we feature only humanely-raised meat and poultry, free from steroids, antibiotics and hormones.

At IMAGINE Culinary Group, we train our chefs to follow the local supply chain and take advantage of the premier artisan purveyors that Northern California has to offer. Menu selections are changed on a monthly basis and will always include customer favorites.

Our Executive Chefs are committed to a sustainable approach to menu planning. This approach begins with a real connection to local farms and artisan vendors in the Bay Area. Inspiration for the development of our weekly menus begins with identifying what products are available and at peak freshness. Once the bounty of the season has been identified, our chefs work with these ingredients to prepare menus that celebrate the season and support the local community.

By exclusively selecting seasonal, local and fresh ingredients, we can ensure that the dishes our chefs prepare from “scratch” will have authentic flavors, meet the highest nutritional standard and support our commitment to sustainable practices in our kitchens. We believe that one of our greatest distinctions as a company is our use of an “ethical supply chain” and the ingredient choices we make in the preparation of our menus.