Health and Wellness:

At IMAGINE Culinary Group, nutrition is at the forefront of every menu we create. To promote a balanced diet for our guests, we provide health-appropriate portions and offer general nutritional information to support the wellness of every person we serve.

We embrace the idea that healthy eating can be delicious while, at the same time, making a positive impact on individual health. Our operating standards follow the guidelines established by Harvard University, “The Healthy Eating Pyramid”, to balance our daily menu offerings and provide valuable information that can assist our customers in making everyday food choices.

Our menus and recipes are designed to follow healthy cooking techniques that build upon the sustainable ingredients we feature in our food. These two important factors are a tremendous advantage in our quest to serve delicious meals and a wide variety of healthy dining choices. One of our key strategies is to support our quests in the effort to maintain a balanced diet and make sound nutritional choices when selecting the meals we serve.

It is our dream to have all of our customers “live healthily ever after”.